Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mulitcache Bang on the Head

I don't think I've mentioned our multicache that we've set. Our multicache consists of 4 different caches. The first 3 have numbers written on them. Once you find them and write (or remember) the numbers, you travel to the 4th one, which is in our yard (hidden in a tree.) The 3 numbers are the combination to the padlock. So you have to do them in order so you can open the padlock and sign the logbook. Or, I guess you could just play with the 3 numbers until it opened.

Here's the link to the mulitcache

Here are the ones to the other 3

So...a few nights ago, one of my friends dropped off some cookie dough that her son was selling as a fundraiser. We were busy talking and Jacob wanted to show her the ammo box that is hidden in the tree. He's not quite tall enough to reach the ammo box (it's propped up in a vee of the tree.) Jacob is all stretched out, standing on his tiptoes reaching as high as he can. He was able to push it a little...and then it promptly fell on his head. OUCH!!! No blood, just a bump, which is amazing! Every time Jeff is gone, we end up in the ER...knock on wood, we have 2 more days until he's home and we haven't been to the ER yet! Anyways, Jacob tried so hard not to cry, but a few tears escaped. After he put some ice on it, he was fine.

So that's the bang on the head story. Once Jeff gets home, we'll be back to caching a little more. We're getting close to 200!

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