Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hello to everyone!

We've had some positive feedback on our blog lately! Glad you like it! :)

Jeff went on a wild goose chase the other day for a cache. He's been trying to do this multicache for a while and just hasn't been able to do it... The coords for the first leg were right on, and there was math involved to make it to the 2nd set of coords. Once he got to the 2nd place, which was a monument, he had to answer a question with a date, and that gave him the coords to the last leg of the cache. However, the question didn't match up with the info that was given at the monument. So...Jeff emailed another cacher who was nice enough to help Jeff out...and lo and behold, he completed this multicache!

Jeff's unexpected TDY to Louisiana was changed at the last minute...he is en route to Ft. Irwin, Ca (as I write.) Jeff made sure that he packed his geocaching stuff, and he's printed all of the caches that are within that area of the country. In fact, the cacher that helped Jeff out with the multicache is returning to Ft. Irwin and they've talked about getting together and doing some caches! Small world.

While Jeff is away, Jacob and I are going to do some caches to fill up our time. No driving on old railway beds for me, though!

Happy caching!


Mandy said...

Good Morning, Jen! Hope your caching goes well.

bebiGLicious said...

hei....ur blog is great !