Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jeff's in California

Hello everyone!

So Jeff made it to Ft. Irwin last Sunday. There were a few bumps in the road, but Jeff and his team have settled in...they're providing medical care for soldiers that are out in the desert training.

On Thursday, which just happened to be September 11, Jeff did 8 caches with one of his soldiers. Here's what he wrote on

I just had to do some caches on 9/11 and found it fitting that I was at the Army’s National Training Center providing medical support on this day. I took out one of my medics with me today and introduced him to geocaching. He had a great time and I think he is hooked.

Follow the link to read about one of the Ft. Irwin caches.

We've managed to hook several people into brother, my dad, and a few friends. It's so much fun!

Jacob and I have plans to get some geocaching in here in Kansas while Jeff is away. However, after receiving a few inches of rain last night, we're waiting for things to dry out a little before we venture out in the wilds of Kansas!

Have a great weekend!

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