Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally...we've done some geocaches!

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Yesterday we headed to the big city of Manhattan for an afternoon of geocaching! (hahaha...for those of you not familiar with Manhattan, put it nicely, Manhattan is not a big city...I'd call it more of a town than anything...) We had the radio set on the Kansas/Texas A&M game and we did 5 geocaches while the Wildcats did their thing. We caught up on the game action in between caches.

We were led to some areas of Manhattan that we'd never been to...areas we never knew about! We traipsed through the Linear Trail by the Manhattan Zoo in search of the GeoSunset Cache. It was a nice hike through the woods in the middle of Manhattan! We headed across the Kansas River to find Fuss Ball. In fact, we parked within 15 feet of the cache! We traveled to Hastings to find an easy cache in the parking lot. Our next cache, KSU Kat's Kache, was really interesting. I was amazed at the trails through the woods! The "kache" is located near the rocks that spell "Manhattan" on the side of the hill by Tuttle Creek Blvd. It was a really cool area! Our last cache (or part of it) was Multi Colombian Seekers. We made 3 stops on this cache; each stop gave clues to the next place. We didn't finish it, but will on our next trip to the big city of Manhattan! :)

Overall, it was a good day of caching. And the Cats won.

We're headed west this afternoon to do some more caches...hopefully making it to the 200 mark!

Thanks for reading...have fun caching!

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Mandy said...

Shame on you! Manhattan is classified as a city. It went over the 50,000 mark several years ago. If the federal gov't qualifies it as a city, you should too.