Friday, August 29, 2008

Kansas Delorme Challenge

We have decided to do the Kansas Delorme Challenge! This challenge will take us all over the state of Kansas! Here's the order to accomplish the challenge, we need to find or hide a cache in every section of the Delorme map of Kansas. Delorme has done a super job of putting their maps of each state into a book. The map is divided into sections, and each section is an entire page. Kansas is broken down into 66 sections, so we need to do 66 caches. The thing is, Kansas is really big and we will need to make several trips around the state!

We have already mapped out several weekend routes that will take us to all points in Kansas so we can get this done. It will take us a while (we've only done 8 sections!) and we'll put many miles on the car. We will be very excited when my new Toyota Prius comes in, so we can save on gas money!

Happy Caching!

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