Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mrs. Goose Island

I have been wanting to do a geocache rated level 5 (1 being the easiest, 5 being the hardest) since I started geocaching. Mrs. Goose Island is on an island in Milford Lake. So I went out and bought a wave runner just so I could do this cache. (not really but it sounds good...)

This afternoon, I took the wave runner to the island. I rode around the island a couple of time to find the best spot to "park" and tie up. I found a spot and as I was getting ready to climb up a branch in the water, I spotted a beaver under a tree close to my planned route! So I splashed water on it and chased it away. I did not want to get attacked by a beaver on this island! The spider webs were all over the island and the sticker bushes were really bad. I was wearing a swim suit, a life jacket, and a pair of water shoes. Not a very good combo when it come to geocaching.

Once I got on the island I made short work of hunting this one down. I walked right up to it. The cache is in great shape. Everything is in plastic bags and the log was dry. I signed the log and replaced the cache as I found it.

It was a good time getting this one...what a story...had to ride to wave runner to get it, got all muddy trying to get "parked" and then having to chase a large beaver away!

aka Jeff

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