Sunday, October 18, 2009

LAME Geocaching Event in Topeka

Jacob and I attended the LAME geocaching event on Friday night in Topeka. We had a lot of LAME fun! Lots of great conversation, heard lots of stories (tall tales included!) and ate some pretty good subs.

In May 2008, Jeff had just gotten back from a deployment in Iraq. He told me about this game type thing with a GPS and that is was like a treasure hunt. I was a little skeptical, but figured since he'd just spent 15 months away from us, I'd go along with his idea of fun. Jeff did the first couple of geocaches while I was at work and told Jacob and I what fun it was. I kind of raised my eyebrows at him and thought, "Fun? This is going to be fun?" A few days later, Jeff and I spent the day geocaching. I was hooked. It was fun! We have seen some awesome places during our geocaching travels and we've met some wonderful people. I had such a good time talking with everyone on Friday night. Thanks for taking the time to make this event happen!

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Mandy said...

So what does LAME stand for? It looks like my kind of event, sitting around talking about what you like to do for fun!