Saturday, October 24, 2009 (River of Action) CITO

This morning we went to Lego Laws and Wolf Spider's CITO event.
Even though we didn't go paddling down the Kansas River, we had a great time. Jacob and I each won a geo pin and a geocoin in the drawing.

October 24 is's International Day of Climate Action. Events were held around the world. We picked up trash along the Linear Trail and around the boat landing. The group that went paddling down the river also picked up trash along the way. There were 11 new caches hidden along the Linear Trail. Even though we didn't go boating, we enjoyed the crisp fall weather and we were able to find a few caches; and even snagged a co-FTF with Jadefalcon!

Thanks Lego Laws and Wolf Spider, we had a great time! Oh, Angela...I think Jacob has a little crush on you...he told me he had a great time picking up trash with Mrs. Lego Laws and then he blushed and giggled! :)

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