Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rock City

It has been a LONG time since my last post... We've had a few changes since August, which have led to less geocaching than usual. Mr. Diecast (aka Jeff) has left for a year-long deployment to Iraq. Mrs. Diecast (that's me) changed jobs and is no longer teaching 1st grade; but is instead teaching 2 classes at Kansas State University and also hard at work on her (my) doctoral degree in Literacy Education. So that leaves far less time for geocaching. :(

The days are starting to get cooler, and the colors are changing across Kansas. Jacob (aka Buggywasher) and I loaded up the Prius this morning and headed to Rock City for Nicoole and Debbie's Earth Cache. On our jaunt this morning, we saw signs that winter will soon be upon us. When we moved to Kansas 5 years ago, I used to think the fall colors here were such a let down. This year I really appreciated them...they aren't vivid yellows, reds and oranges like the fall New England colors. They're more subdued, quieter...Kansas colors. I love the mustard yellows, the browns, the rusts, the dark reds that look almost purple. The yellow orange, the tans, the russets, the greenish yellows. This is the first year that I've really noticed the landscape. It's taken me 5 years to appreciate what we have here.

We did a couple of caches before and after the Earth cache, but I must say the highlight was Rock City. The rock formations were amazing! I've said this over and over again, but if it hadn't been for geocaching, we would never would have visited this spot. Geocaching has brought us to some amazing places along the way.


Sara said...

Love the pics! I've never heard of Rock City though. But it looks cool. I'll have to ask buggywasher about it tomorrow!

A few paras were coloring leaves for fun fun Friday last week. We were commenting about the colors too. The tree out by the kindergarden is almost all green and purple. So beautiful. I'm amazed that we have leaves that change at all here. Back home in Arkansas, the leaves are green one day and completely brown the next. We dont have these crazy purples in Arkansas.

Mandy said...

We are having an exceptional fall due to all the rain this summer. Enjoy!