Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's been a while....

Here's my version of the song "It's Been a While" from Staind.

It's been a while
Since I could hold my head up high
and it's been a while
since I've blogged about geocaching
It's been a while
since any one's read about our adventures
and it's been a while
since I've updated you
But everyone has been so busy; no time for blogging right here
the consequences that I've rendered
no one's laughing or shedding tears...

Somehow, I don't think I could make a living writing songs! :)

If you care to watch the video, check it out

If you care to read the original lyrics, check them out's%20Been%20A%20While%20Lyrics.html

I will try super duper hard to keep our blog updated so I don't have to torture you with my song writing capabilities! Happy New Year! :)

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