Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kansas City's 10th Anual Geocaching Picnic and 1000 finds!

Mr. Diecast64 and Buggywasher

Jeff, Jacob and I jaunted over to the Kansas City area this weekend for the big Kansas City Geocaching Picnic.  We left our house on Friday, cached all the way to Lenexa, cached all day on Saturday, attended the picnic, cached after the picnic and cached on the way home Sunday morning! 

We had a few exciting moments on our caching weekend...  Our GPS was acting goofy, so we stopped at a coffee shop in Tonganoxie.  We were able to reload the geocaches back into our GPS.  For some reason, the geocache coordinates and information didn't transfer to the GPS.  While in Tonganoxie, we stopped at a park that had a couple of caches and we decided to enjoy our picnic lunch in the park.  One of the caches was called "Somebody Get Me a Medic," which was pretty ironic since Jeff is a medic.  While walking to the picnic area, we were surprised by a minivan that drove off the road and crashed through the trees.  Jeff was the first one to the van and helped stabilize the man who fell asleep at the wheel.  The fire trucks, ambulance and police all showed up within 5 minutes, which I thought was fast.  Luckily, the man was OK...just a few cuts on his head and a totaled van.  What a way for Jeff to begin his vacation!

Another exciting moment was at the picnic.  Jacob did some kid's caches all by himself!  He was the FTF on all 3 of them!  :)
Entering the coords into the GPS for Buggy's 1st cache all by himself!

Our other exciting moment was hitting 1000 finds!  Our 1000nd find was the picnic itself.  What an accomplishment!  We've found 1000 different geocaches all over the world since 2008.  We've seen some awesome places and met some wonderful people along the way.
We met some amazing geocachers at the picnic, and we chatted it up with lots of friends.  Jeff, Jacob and I even won some prizes!  We ate some delicious food, discovered lots of Travel Bugs and coins and had a wonderful time.  A big thanks goes to the Byonke's who organized the picnic and to all of those that helped make it a fun day~

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