Tuesday, June 1, 2010

900th Find!

Buggywasher and I have driven a few hundred miles during the past week seeking our 900th cache.  We finally found No Girls Aloud in Salina, making it our 900th find! Here's to 900+ more caches!

During the past week, we've seen some interesting places in Kansas.  Beautiful place that are off the beaten path.  I feel a little sorry for the people who don't geocache.  They are missing the real Kansas.  Kansas is much more than the big cities and the views you get from traveling the I-70 and I-35 corridors.  There is a lot of history, a lot of wonderful places and a lot of good times to be had. For someone who dreaded moving to Kansas 6 years ago, I'm very glad we've gotten to see the real Kansas.

We've seen great churches in communities that were thriving 100 years ago and tombstones of immigrants that were so far from their homeland.

Jacob has stood on the front steps of a bank that was built in 1900. 
We've seen interesting "art" made out of barbed wire!
We've seen antique modes of transportation, calves along the side of the road and old farmsteads.
Jacob has stood in the doorway of an old jail.

We've seen a lot of old, one-room school houses and the endless straight road ahead.

We've seen how people traveled to Kansas, and have even had a little fun.  
"Wait for me!  Don't leave me behind!"

We've also seen a rather interesting use for bowling balls!

And this is just a fraction of the Kansas we've seen!  These pictures are just from the last week!

Happy Caching!

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