Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet, Greet and Geocache Event

Team Diecast hosted our very first geocaching event: Meet, Greet and Geocache! It was a lot of work preparing 26 new caches for this event...we talked about this for months; planning, researching, creating cache containers, thinking, worrying, wondering if anyone would come... And then suddenly, the day arrived and it was wonderful!

We had such a great time meeting and talking with all of the geocachers who came to the event! We had a super turnout...we were able to meet and talk to everyone The weather was wonderful...I never imagined we would have a sunny day with temps in the low 80's! It's never this cool in July! And everyone had an awesome time finding the new caches (or at least that's what they told us!) Many of us went to Sirloin Stockade for dinner after the event...we heard stories after stories of memorable geocaches. What a fun time...
I can't wait to plan our next event! :)
Thanks to Suzeequ, Kiddiekardriver, Ole Timer, Larry 739, Hockabee, DA 438, Boxstalker, ZROZRO7, Granny Shay, Grandpa Santa, JJTally, Legolaws, Wolf Spider, Chaprebdeb, Nicoole, Phil and Verla from Oz, Powercats on the prowl, Sharcar 52, Geohawk7998, KcOdwx, Morgie H, and Countryguy.

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JJTally said...

Thanks again guys for the memorable event. You are right, it could not have been a more perfect day. Would have really loved to eat supper with everyone, but we had other previous plans, but that didn't stop us from finding them all!