Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caching Events, Updates, Etc.

Well, I am finally updating our blog... We've had a lot of geocaching news since the last update!

Geocaching event #1: We were in a Geocaching contest that was held in Junction City with Military Affairs and the Junction City City Council for Military Appreciation. Well, it was a bust...we didn't win a prize even though we were the first team to complete the caches. We completed the caches with coordinates that were written wrong, coordinates that were off (we're talking miles off) and still, no prize (grand prize was $500, 2nd place $250 and 3rd was $150.) We thought the event was poorly organized and poorly run...

Geocaching event #2: We went to the 1st Annual Country Cache, which was south of Topeka. It was fun! We ate lunch with a bunch of cachers. After lunch, everyone was given coordinates for 40 new caches within Osage County. It was a lot of fun. We were first to find on 4 different caches! We found 17 caches that day! It was Jeff's birthday and he had a great time!

Geocaching event #3: A Whole Lotta Bull. We went to Doe's Restaurant in Manhattan and met up with local goecachers! It was a lot of fun. We talked with a bunch of people that we just knew by their geoname! It was fun actually meeting JBnW, KCMose, CCSteveC, Wolf Spider, Lego Laws, Alien Bounty Hunter, sarahbryce09, and everyone else! See the picture above and look at all the geocachers! What a way to end Jeff's birthday!

And now for our update...We are at 395 finds! In one year!!! We signed up at a year ago when Jeff came home from Iraq. He did the first cache at Heritage Park in Junction City. We've come a long way since then! I wasn't sure I'd like it, but we've found out that we love geocaching. It's a lot of fun, we've met a lot of wonderful cachers and we've even hooked a few (Craig and Kelly, Ken, Dad and I think I have another friend interested!)

Happy caching! :)

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